Sexuality For The Real World

Sexuality Workshops for Teenagers


Today’s teenagers are exposed to more sex and pornography than any generation and there is a constant flow of mixed messages given to girls about sexuality through their peers and media. Myra Soden and Claire Aslangul have teamed up to hang out for a few days and chat to your girls about sex in a relaxed, non-judgmental and healthy way. 

Who would benefit?

The average age of Australians having their first sexual experience is 15.2 and the vast majority of them are uninformed about the myriad of issues surrounding sex and sexuality. For that reason, the workshop is aimed at girls between the ages of 13 and 16.  

What are our aims?

Our aims for the workshop are to promote healthy sexuality in a fun and educational way. 

·       To build self-esteem, respect and acceptance 

·       Promote informed decision making and how to set and keep personal boundaries. 

·       Educate on both the emotional and physical sides of sex.

·       Encourage confidence to discuss any issues that may come up in future.

So, what sort of things do we talk about about? 

Well, as we all know, sex is not just about sex, so a large part of the workshop will be looking at things like:

·       Self acceptance, body image and personal rights. 

·       Peer group pressure, relationship expectations

·       Perceptions/belief systems around sex. 

·       Female and male anatomy including cycles, STI’s and pregnancy.

·       The porn myth.

·       Sexual assault .

·       We will of course discuss some of the nitty-gritty stuff too, like self-pleasuring, foreplay and different “types” of sex. 

As it is going to be a circle, it will be led in many ways by the group and what is relevant for them and all discussions and activities are optional.

Other stuff:

There is going to be some dancing, watching movies, artwork, eating and general “hanging out”.

What we don't do:

We will not be promoting, romanticising or demonising either promiscuity, or virginity pledges and anything in-between.  We will not be preaching any religious systems or beliefs.  There will be no group activities involving nudity or touching in a sexual way. There will be no coercion to join discussions or activities the girls don’t want to join in with or feel unready for.  This is an alcohol, drug, cigarette and Y chromosome free event.